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Cruz surfing at 4 years old

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Cruz surfing at 3 years old

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30 is the new wifey

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everyone knows that turning 30 years old can be a big deal.  it’s really not another standard birthday along the road of life.  it is a milestone that is special, bitter sweet and scary all at the same time.  hallmark doesn’t make a card worthy enough of such an event.  my wife, lauren, turns 30 today!  i don’t nearly tell her how much i appreciate her in our daily life and how vital she is to our family.  i hope to be better at expressing that to her in the future, but for today, on lauren’s 30 birthday, i will offer her these words:

when i first met you lauren you were in your early 20′s and living on your own. within a few months we were buying our first house together and planning our wedding. it still blows my mind to think how quickly i knew i wanted to marry you after we met. our lives changed immensely and within a blink we had three amazing kiddos demanding all of our attention. adding kids to the mix can be a real freedom killer but you were able to bring fuel, inspiration and, from time to time, a crack of a whip when needed to our family. honestly, you are the reason our family runs smoothly.

lauren, you push me. you inspire me. you keep me in line and moving forward and you have done so at the cost of your own personal endeavors and, at times, sanity.

you are the one getting lily to the swim practice that you made sure she was signed up for. you are doing truckloads of laundry that no child or husband has ever thanked you for doing.  you are making sure meadow & cruz are getting their ears checked and scheduling their doctor’s appointments. you’re taking lily to school when she misses the bus for being slow getting ready in the morning.  you are packing travel bags for five, instead on one, every time we are going away.  you do more for others in one day than anyone i have ever met and you do it all over again the following day without hesitation.  instead of receiving appreciation from us, all you ever get is another load of dirty laundry.

you believed in me and my dreams and made our photography business successful more than anyone will ever know. that support has lifted me and enabled me to pursue opportunities i’ve never had before.  yes, there is great joy in the job of raising children but you also have just as much of a role in running our photography business. you seem to be able to do the workload of four people without ever complaining. you will listen to new moms complain to you how hard it is to raise one or two children. you will always offer them your time to help even though you have a demanding business to run and three children of your own to care for, not including keeping me on course as well.  you do very little for yourself because you’re too busy being a kick ass mom, a dream of a wife and an amazing business partner.

cupcakes for the cheerleading team. nursery book reading for the kindergarten class. appointments for the dentist. scheduling 100 activities in half as many hours. laundry. cooking. all without the accolades, the paychecks, and so forth. if you ever felt compelled to say “thanks tim for this or that…” you ultimately need to be thanking lauren.  she is the foundation behind everything our family is and does.  she does all of this on top of being an amazing photographer.  i wouldn’t change her for the world.  i’m honored to spend my days with her and i’m excited for what the next decade holds for us.

happy birthday wifey.

. …. …

p.s. – lauren, the photos of our kids on our walls will be updated this month and the photo book of our family through the years that you mentioned you would cherish will be made soon.  i haven’t forgotten.  it’s just another example of how much i need you to help keep my life in order and focused on what’s truly important.  lubbers.

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